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The Records Unit of the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office processes requests for criminal history information and background checks on county residents. The office provides non-confidential records of arrests, misdemeanor offenses, and charges as well as the conviction history of the subject of the request. Interested persons can obtain these records by querying the Sheriff's office in person; however, the requesting party will be required to provide the name, gender, and date of birth of the subject as well as pay any applicable search and copy fees.

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Convicted sex offenders resident in Wyandotte County are required to be registered by the County's Sheriff Office and all public information of offenders are pooled and published on the Kansas State Sex Offender Registry as provided by Federal laws. Interested persons may view all Wyandotte County Sex offenders on the Registry using the search tools available to filter offenders by name, zip code, address, offender registration number and proximity to various locations within the county. The Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office oversees the affairs of the County Detention Center and maintains records of both inmate and jail concerns.

Information about the Detention Center can be obtained by querying the county sheriff's office or Detention center staff at Also, information regarding current and former inmates of the center can be obtained using the Wyandotte County Detention Center Application. Court Records of cases heard by the Wyandotte District Court and other minor courts are typically held by the office of the Clerk of District Court and the Court Administrator.

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To retrieve copies of court records, interested persons may query the offices or courthouse in person or via mail. Requests may be made to:. Listed below are the addresses and contact information of all the courthouses in Wyandotte County, Kansas:. Box , Edwardsville, KS Phone: ext. The Wyandotte County Register of Deeds Office records maintains documents such as liens, deeds, mortgage documents, land records, plats and other records pertaining to land and real property ownership.

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All documents recorded by the office are public records and are available to interested members of the public. Mail-in requests must state the name of the owner, grantor or mortgagor as well as a legal description of the property. Kansas State vital records are managed and issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment which serves as a statewide repository of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.

At the county level, records of divorces are maintained by the office of the Clerk of District Court; however, birth, death and marriage records are no longer issued by the County Clerk but can be obtained at the state level. This usually happens when two people are paying support at the same time under one court order number. In those cases, the above examples would read:. Cowley, Labette, and Montgomery : Choose the county-city combination from the County Name drop down menu.

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Instead of 6 digits after the court order type, there are just 5. All other parts are the same as the Basic Format. Crawford and Neosho : Crawford and Neosho counties have only 1 listing in the County Name drop down menu—the town is identified in the number. There are 6 digits after the court order type, the last one being the first letter of the town where the order was filed. Non Kansas Orders: The order numbers for non Kansas orders do not have a set format, and the KPC records are not official payment records.


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These cases show only the payments processed while a Kansas CSS case is open. The rest of the digits may be any combination of letters, numbers, and other characters—be sure to use them all, including spaces. The length is not limited to 10 digits. The order number may be any combination of letters and numbers.


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Going from left to right: Digits 1 and 2 are the year the court assigned the number the year the court case was filed. If the court order type has just one letter, it is followed by a space. Digits 5 through 10 are the court order number with leading zeroes as needed to total 6 digits. Examples: Digit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DM 0 9 D M 0 0 1 2 3 4 D 0 2 D 0 0 1 2 3 4 Search Tips: When no record is found that matches the number that was entered, an error message is shown saying that the number is invalid.

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